🏋🏽‍♂️ Hooks Workout for Beginners

🏋🏽‍♂️ Hooks Workout for Beginners

Go from Zero to Deployed in 5 Lessons

Nothing is learned except by practice. In these five short lessons, you will:

🎉  Build Your First Apps with Hooks

🏃  Work with Advanced Hooks Such as useMemo

😎  Fetch Real Data from a Remote Server

💖  Learn to Create Custom Reusable Hooks

⛴  Deploy your App

5 short but practical lessons and leave with a plan for actual hooks mastery.


Over the next five lessons, I'll get you started on actually building stuff with hooks – practice.

The hooks workout series is a quick start guide designed for absolute beginners to hooks, as well as people who know how hooks work but haven’t got to building stuff with it yet (still beginners).

NB: The intended audience for this series are beginners.

Whether or not you know hooks very much, I’m going to help you figure it all out. I’ve got you covered!

Before getting into the details of the series, it is worth mentioning that this course not only teaches you how hooks work, but the main focus is on building stuff with hooks.

Think about how you learn new concepts, and tell me if the following statement is wrong.

The only way to master a skill is to practice it

Einstein, Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, and Da Vinci. Know what all these people had in common? They all understood the preceding statement, and they had quotes with great success to show for it.

You can read the documentation for hooks all you want, you can read all the articles you find (including mine), but if you don’t get to build stuff and write actual code with hooks, you won’t get much out of your learning.

The only way to master hooks is to build stuff with hooks!

Learning to Learn

Plugged in.
Photo by True Agency / Unsplash

Do you remember when you started learning to code?

It’s a pity how we forget how we learned to code in the first place. I bet you didn’t hone your craft by just watching Youtube videos. Remember the feeling when stared at blank code editor, not knowing what to do?

At that point all the videos you watched seemed to elude you. The YouTube tutorials made it so easy, but when you got down to build an actual app, you began to feel clueless; not knowing where to start.

Well, this is true for learning anything.

Without getting hands-on practice it is wrong to think a concept has been truly learned. Watching and reading differ greatly from active learning characterised by practice.

So here’s the golden rule to follow in these lessons; actually write out the codes, and build along with me! Don’t just read the lessons and say to yourself, "Oh, I’ve got that”. No, please. “You ain’t got that :) ”

Making out time for the lessons

The first excuse I get from most people is “well, I don’t have time to set up a new project just to practice”.

Under my breath, I’d usually say congratulations for not taking your learning seriously. However, to make it easier not to give such excuses, the lessons and apps can all be completed online without the need for a local development setup. I’ll link out to online setups where all you have to worry about is writing code! No setup.

So, give it about 10 minutes per lesson, and you’ll be on your way to being a React hooks rockstar 🎸

Just 10 minutes per lesson – which can span over days. Seems like fair timing, yeah?

What if I get stuck during the course?

Learning isn’t always fun. Yes, I said that, and that’s after years of being in the tech industry where everything constantly changes. You learn stuff every day, It’s part of the job.  Sometimes it’s not as fun as “Netflix and chill”.

On the bright side, I’ve gone through this process and here to help you along the way.

If you ever get stuck at any point in these lessons, reply the lesson by dropping a comment here.

I may not reply immediately, but be rest assured I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Making it through to the end

I look forward to seeing you at the end of the lessons.

Hey! Don’t forget our deal. You get to write code and build stuff as you go through the lessons. Don’t just read them.

Here are the lessons:

  1. Your First React Hooks Application
  2. Advanced Hooks
  3. Fetching Data with Hooks
  4. Custom Reusable Hooks
  5. Moving into Production

To your success 🥂,

- Ohans

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